Hi Melkbossie Friend!

My name is Lisa.

I am one of 5 ponies who live happily,
at the Melkbossie Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Ponies like me love to spend their time
munching on apples & hay in the sunshine.

Darryl and his crew take care of all the ponies and donkeys here,
Three-hundred and sixty-five days a year!

Your sponsorship, every bit,
Will help to keep us fed and fit.

My friends all say thank you,
And we hope to see you at the farm soon!

Sponsor a Pony or Donkey

A pledge of R20 will help to feed 1 pony a day.
During the colder months, we have fewer visitors to the farm.
Sponsorships help us to keep our animals happy and healthy all through the year.

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